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Time –Stream An urban fountain project

A water basin of roundshape representing ahuge clock (about 60meters circumference),surrounded by big shadingpalm trees.
The water basin isframed by solid blackgranite stone with integrated steps. The frame is rotating in clockwise direction at a span of one meter per minute.Stone engravings on the granites' — surface indicate time . Visitors are invited to sit down and enjoy the chill of the fountain,being aware of the time.
Size of water-basin:could range between 30to 60 meters in circumference.
At a width of 60 meters the stone frame moves a meter per minute.
Technical overview:
A solar-energy generated steel-spring located at the
basins' center presses the water towards the borders .
The emerging whirls' energy gets collected within several mills for power-supply, facilitating the rotative movement of the stone border strip.
Provision of water :
The water shall be provided by the local municipal water pipes association of Quatar.