(solar – acquatic – energy)

A futuristic ecological prototype for a selfcontaining power station in remote oceanic locations.


Consisting of a wooden platform based on an air-filled rubber belt “ile solaire” uses the natural ressources, wind, sun, and current, to generate energy.

Translucent aquadynamic fins embedded in the platform reach down deep into the water forming a corrdior where attached turbines get powered by the trapped current.

anchored at the bow and loose at the aft “ile solaire” always turns into the current to provide optimal power for the turbines.On board several computer controlled panels function like flowers, turning towards the sun and folding in the night and during stormy conditions. Propellars unfold only in moderate windy conditions to inhibit damage to the float.

All energy generated is used to electrolytically extract hydrogen from the unlimited supply of sea water.

In the not too distant furture hydrogen will replace petrol as the the main energy source and scientists will develop new means for transmitting energy over long distance. Placed in numerous locations all over the oceans of the world “ile solaire” will be able to provide environmental friendly energy all over the planet. As the outer oceans are not property of any specific nation, energy produced there will not be subject to political blackmailing and individual interests.